A Problem

work in process

Two-channel video installation, 10-15 minutes

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"A Problem" is a satiric video installation which offers two different modes of viewership.

Projection 1, "We've Got a", is a stop motion animation video influenced by the theatre of Bertolt Brecht, Samuel Beckett, and The Muppet Show. Set on a glass vitrine in a medical supply store, three jaw oracles narrate us through the harsh empty politics of the film we are watching. The text moves between descriptions of tacky emotions to descriptions of banal catastrophe.

The three jaws direct a circular scenario - the “problem” on which they elaborate keeps changing with every new piece of textual information they deliver. What could in the beginning sound like a generic statement about local middle-eastern politics, turn into a critique about capitalism and western influence as a whole. Post-climax, towards the middle of the film, the script breaks out to give direct orders to the viewer. It instructs them regarding their desired potential future actions. The jaws create a conceptual fade-out by mocking the passionate passivity of online activism, and the generics of the politics of political art.

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In Progress - updated video rough cut January 2017:

first draft:


Projection 2, "Sad", is a cheap surreal ghost movie. It exposes a ridiculous supernatural phenomena. Ghosts are stuck within various interior walls, ceilings and floors. Objects fly around in the air. While the ghosts are stationary, and don't do much but crying, the sets around them keep changing.

“Sad” constructs an ever-changing stationary existence. The camera seemingly uncovers a given, grounded situation. It establishes a relationship of belief with the viewer, in which the film’s role is to show, and the viewer’s role is to witness. By using a zoom-in zoom-out-to-another-scene mechanism, this relationship gets constantly challenged. Cheap magic is used here to investigate an inability to collapse the relief system on which the photographed images relays on.

As a whole, the video installation of “A Problem” formalizes an architectural space that faces the viewer personally. It is an advertisement-aggressive invitation to care; the two video projections work together to define both visceral and intellectual conditions. Each channel proposes a different view of the consequences of physical political realities. “Sad” addresses the gut, while “We’ve Got A” addresses the brain. Or vice versa. This project continues Frank's occupation with symbols of politics and the way humor can 'hack' systems of power to produce new models of resistance.   


Project Timeline:

Jan 2016 - Short video study for "We've Got A"
March 2016 - Final script for "We've Got A"
May 2016 - Draft raw material and draft edits for "We've Got A"
June 2016 - Final production on set for "We've Got A"
July-August 2016 - Sound recordings for “We’ve Got A”
August-September 2016 - Editing stop motion animation for "We've Got A"
August 2016 - Finished script for "Sad"
September 2016- Completion of "We've Got A" including sound and final edit
October 2016- Rehearsals and character development for "Sad" with Tziporela actors
November 2016 - Set design for "Sad"
November - December 2016 - Building sets for "Sad"
January 2017 - First and second draft raw materials for "Sad"
February 2017 - Final production on set for "Sad"
March-May 2017 - Edits and sound work
June-July - Final Edit of "Sad", projection and installation design for exhibition space
August 2017 - Completion of entire project

A Problem - slideshow of images, sketches, and inspiration: